Custom Homes Austin

If you’re in the market for a custom home, chances are you’re also in the market for a professional Architect. There are as many reasons to use a professional Architectural firm, to help you fulfill the dream of “your Home”, as there are services Architects offer. The AIA (American Institute of Architects ) lists 83 distinct categories of Architectural services. Since you’re busy and don’t have time to wade through page after page of propaganda, we’re only going to ask you to consider the following seven reasons to use Venture Four Architects in the design of a custom home. Venture Four Architects can provide you with better-functioning living space: As an interpreter of visions, an Architect finds ways to transform your dreams into your reality. What this means with respect to your custom home is that spaces will ultimately work for you and not against you in your daily endeavors.

Venture Four Architects can help you achieve a better value-for-dollars ratio: According an AIA, study What Today’s Home Buyers Want they found “dream-home desires don’t match what builders are providing because cost is forcing buyers to accept less.” This is not to point the finger of blame at builders; without builders, we would all have difficulty achieving a roof over our heads. Rather, it points out a growing concern in the building industry: as the needs of our nation’s homebuyers evolve, an appropriate response from the building industry is required. As creative facilitators, Architects will always be key players in this process.

Venture Four Architects can save you money: Involving an Architect from the earliest stages of a building project can result in reductions in overall costs for materials, construction, energy and maintenance. Having someone on your team that knows the ropes can also save you money on legal, engineering, and permitting fees.

Venture Four Architects has the training, experience and resourses to help guide you through the complexities of the home building process: For most of us, the purchase of a home is the largest and single most important investment we’ll make in our lifetime, it’s not only our largest investment, but also one of our most personal endeavors. Having a skilled professional represent your best interests during what can be a long and arduous process is the most effective way to sidestep the stress often associated with the construction of your new home, and to ensure that you get what you bargained for.

Venture Four Architects can help you achieve a higher resale value: By seeing beyond the present, and as far into the future as the available information allows, an Architect can help you devise a plan of action that works for you today while keeping tomorrow’s options open.

Venture Four Architects can eliminate surprises and costly refinements during the construction phase: An Architect’s design process is structured to promote “discovery,” and to develop appropriate ideas and solutions while minimizing the time and effort expended on those that are inappropriate. For obvious reasons, it is best that this occurs during the “creative” phase, before things are literally set in concrete.

Venture Four Architects can foreshorten the decision making process: In complex, emotional undertakings, sharing the burden of decision making is an effective approach. According to the AIA, “the best building projects result when architect and client work as a team. Home owners should be prepared to take an active role in decision-making throughout the process.” Having an informed yet detached professional, i.e., an Architect, on your decision-making team can lubricate the wheels of progress to get you where you want to be more expediently and less painfully. Creating a home is a complex investment of energy, emotions and expectations. We help clarify the process, facilitate decision-making and explore the potential. Our job is to help you evaluate the details while focusing on your goals. Sometimes the making of satisfying Architecture can be as simple as developing the proper chemistry and working relationship. As creative individuals, Architects have varying approaches to design and methods of working.

Venture Four Architects has a proven, successful method of turning ideas into homes, and is confident with the quality of service we provide. We invite you to discuss your custom home project with us as a point of departure. Chances are you’ll find yourself in the market for Venture Four Architects. Contact us for a complimentary consultation to begin the process of navigating your path home.