Venture Four Architects has worked on a number of Room Additions and Remodel’s over the years, and have found there are many decisions to be made, depending on the type of project. Each project presents it’s own variety of design challenges, time constraints, and overall practicality issues. We are here to help ask all the right questions and implement a plan that gives you the best buy for your money.

  • Room Additions: Room additions can be as simple as a small room added to the house, or as large as several rooms, or even an entire second story add-on. When designing additions Venture Four Architects will start by checking the physicalAustin Home Remodeling Services characteristics of the existing house and lot. Setbacks and city requirements may create challenges as to the location of the addition. Structural systems may need to be evaluated. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems may need to be upgraded to handle the additions created by the addition.  Room additions are usually a better solution since the additional square footage adds value to the home. A simple addition can keep cost to a minimum by not disturbing the majority of the house. Larger additions or multiple locations will cost more and be more invasive, but are still more cost efficient than a whole house makeover. Its always best to try and match existing conditions and keep the construction limited to the additions. Many times budgets are blown becausHome Remodeling Austin e it is tempting to start making small changes to the original house, we try to help you keep all of this in perspective when planning any additions to your home.
  • Kitchen / Bath Renovations: Kitchen and Bath renovations are very popular and worthwhile remodel projects. Venture Four Architects will start by evaluating your needs and wishes to renovate baths and kitchens in theKitchen Remodeling Austin TX most efficient way possible. If these spaces are too small we help decide whether to add-on, or re-claim other less important spaces not presently being used to their fullest potential. Updating these areas are often the easiest way to make a home more modern and efficient. Kitchens and baths in newer homes are getting bigger and better. New cabinets, counter tops and floors create the feel of a totally new space. New energy efficient fixtures and appliances can help offset the cost of the renovation.
  • Garage Conversions: Garage conversions are one of the easiest ways to add living space to an existing home. However there are a few things you need to consider before exchanging a garage for an additional bedroom, family room or den. Are you going to need a new garage to replace the existing? Garage conversions often lower the value of your home by making it more difficult to sell, with-out  a garage. If the original garage is under-sized, and or located such that it functions poorly, then perhaps a conversion with the addition of a new garage is the answer. You must also consider the cost involved: most garages have uneven floors and require leveling, they usually are not insulated, and electrical outlets are insufficient and at the wrong height, requiring new drywall. With these requirements the perceived “cheap space” becomes more expensive when added to the cost of the new garage.
  • Whole House Makeovers:Whole house makeovers have become popular when the property has more value than the improvements. Whether you are going for a whole new look, a more comfortable home with modern amenities, or  your just fixing up an older home that has seen it’s better days Venture Four Architects can help you through the tough decisions and budgetary requirements. These make-overs involve, extensive redesign of existing conditions. They require structural revisions and additions, to create new, up to date homes by reusing the infrastructure of the existing home. New kitchens, baths, porches, media rooms are often included in these makeovers. Modern appliances, lighting fixtures, hardware, and cabinets create a fresh new look. Replacing the old brick or siding exterior with custom stonework, upgrading the roofing, and installing new energy efficient window packages provide you with an updated exterior while improving it’s efficiency as well. There are many unseen pieces of the puzzle we can help with by providing complete details, and specifications to insure the finished home is better than new.